November 4, 2013

Modern Wedding Registries

In the last few years, non-traditional registries have sprung up and gained popularity over what many couples consider as unnecessary goods such as bedsheets and pillow cases. Couples are opting for experiences rather than hard goods, and there are lots of ways for guests to contribute to such gifts. In some culture, monetary gift is still widely accepted and welcomed, but for those who are not comfortable asking (or receiving) money, Upon Our Star and Deposit A Gift are both registries that can  accept cash on your behalves.Couples are trending towards building their home before they tie the knot these days, so when it comes time to think about their wedding registry, the thought of registering for conventional items such as home goods no longer appeals to them. 

We have compiled a list of these modern-day registries for your reference, and hope you will find them useful! 

Honeymoon Registries provide a way for your guests to treat you to an extraordinary meal, an exciting excursion, or a chunk of your travel expenses for your honeymoon:

If you're a foodie, the idea of gifts in the form of restaurant gift certificates and wine subscriptions may be extra appealing to you:

Other modern registries include Card Avenue where guests can gift you with all kinds of gift cards and I Do Foundation where guests can make donations to your choice of charities. 

Our favorite?

Simple Registry where you can consolidate all your gift desires in one place, including items from Etsy and Ebay! 

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