April 6, 2009

Introducing...Gloria Wong Design

A girl really CAN have it all--good looks, clever brain, stylish clothing...cute smile. I just described my uber talented friend Gloria Wong of Gloria Wong Design!

Gloria first reached out to me in 2007, when she first started her business and when I was just about to give birth to my first baby. Needless to say, I wasn't quite 'available' to meet with her until a few months later. Boy, am I glad I didn't brush her off. Just being around Gloria makes me appreciate the good things in life! She's got this incredible eye to spot 'things' around us everyday....and then she takes these 'things' and creates unbelievably unique and extraordinary designs! Try giving her an old paperweight that you are eager to get rid of, and I bet you she will create an entire design around it!

Last year, Gloria approached me about working together for two of her weddings. I was puzzled at first--how should two coordinators partner together on the same event? She explained that she would solely focus on design and styling, while I would be the queen of logistics. My admiration and respect for Gloria encouraged me to try this partnership. The result? Two very lucky couples that had an amazing wedding which LOOKED beautiful and RAN flawlessly.

Gloria's company was formerly Sash and Sugar, and in the short amount of time that she has been in business, her work has been featured in numerous publications. She is known for her 'mood boards', where she compiles tear sheets and photos onto a board to show the look and feel of a wedding that she is designing. She will literally spend HOURS shopping or pouring over the internet finding that PERFECT item to incorporate into one of her client's weddings.

Gloria was on the Design Team for The Wedding University, where she not only designed four very distinctive, elaborate rooms but also taught students how to thread a concept throughout the different elements of a wedding to create a unique, cohesive look. With a background in fashion, Gloria (as she is described) is obsessive about color, composition, and how visual elements can stir the heart!

I am very excited to introduce to you the brand new website of Gloria Wong Design! She offers different levels of packages, and can customize one based on your specific needs.

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