June 2, 2009

The Glowing Bride

When I start working with a couple to plan their wedding, I always ask what their priorities are. The reality is, everyone has different priorities, so it's important for me as a planner to know what those are!

Not that I tally it up or anything, but I can still tell you that the bride's 'look' is and always will be one of the main priorities of a wedding. After all, they are spending anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars on a dress that they will likely wear only once. On top of that, they are also paying a lot of money for photographers and videographers to capture them at their very best! So what ties it all together? Well, the makeup and hair ofcourse!

When I consult my brides about their wedding day makeup and hair, I tell them how incredibly important it is to hire a professional. Often times, brides think that means they are going to look too 'made up'. Well it doesn't have to be that way. If you hire a true professional who understands weddings, they will be able to enhance your true features and keep you looking natural, yet beautiful. They will know how to get it 'just right' for the photos. Besides, you are NOT suppose to look ordinary on your wedding day! Seriously, would you want to look the same on your own wedding day as you would when you are attending a friend's wedding as a guest? Ofcourse not!

Recently, a new makeup studio has opened right off of University Avenue in Palo Alto, name Thi Cosmetics. I am sure many of you will find this name familiar. The talent behind this fabulous brand is the amazing Taylor Pham, one of the most sought after makeup and hair stylist in the Bay Area!

I have had the pleasure of working with Taylor a number of times, and am always amazed by her. Quiet and focused, she works her magic calmly during the mornings of every wedding, sometimes as early as 5am! When I see her with her makeup brushes, it's like watching an artist paint. She knows just what to do with each of them, and truly enhances the unique features of each bride that she works with. She not only provides makeup service, but she's equally talented in hair styling for the wedding day too! From chignons to updos, Taylor and her team can handle it all!

After being in the business for so many years, it was a natural progression for Taylor to create her own makeup line, especially when she found that there is a lack of makeup products that were appropriate for Asian women. Today, her entire makeup line has expanded to serve all women and her popular lush lashes are just one of the many products that women love. Together with her incredibly bright and clever business partner Mimi, they have made themselves a home in the heart of downtown Palo Alto. I didn't get a chance to attend their opening party last month, but I wanted to share some photos of it here.....taken by the very talented Jennifer Skog and designed by the lovely Gloria Wong!

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  1. i just did a shoot with Tay and Mimi in Sonoma yesterday! They are incredible to work with!

    (I also heard that there was a pretty cool video that went along with the Thi Cosmetics grand opening!)

    oh, i don't know... maybe... HERE: http://msv.typepad.com/msv_news_and_web_log/2009/04/taylor-pham-thi-cosmetics-media-day.html